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Wednesday Confessional


I trust you.

I trust your heart. I trust your mind. I trust your intentions. I trust what you want…for yourself….for me.

And so because I trust…I will give you my power. I give you my will. I turn the fear of things unknown over to you.

Say it. And I’ll do it. Tell me to give it….It’s yours.

Cover my eyes, so I have to trust your voice…your touch. Cover my eyes so that I more keenly smell my own arousal. Cover my eyes so that when you slip your fingers into my pussy…and then into my mouth…the flavor of me dances on my tongue like the sweetest of fruits. Let me feel your breath on me. Let me feel a hint of your teeth. Let me feel the brush of your hand on my throat.

Your words tell me to present my breasts to you….to present my ass to you. Your words tell me to breathe out and accept your fingers….there.

Your words command me to serve you…to give to you…to be yours.

I open my body to you.

I open my mind to you.

I open my heart and life to the freedom this moment offers…You…in control.

In Which I Pay Up


Cold is on me everywhere. Icy chasm of my heart and my mind. Frozen over inside me. Cunt blizzard.

But after you. Oh, after you comes the thaw. Mind and heart…body…

Nipples rosy red like cheeks and pink returns to those pink places…heart valves…pussy.

The last of the ice drips from my toes and fingers, leaving behind it’s sting…chased away by pleasure and mouth and the warmth of your cock.

The drip of the thaw, like tears and cum and sweat and shouts. The heat infuses, and my breath, no longer frosty, ghosts down your spine to your ass. Fuck.

For My Friends Who've Stuck Around


The way her lower lip slips between her teeth as she nibbles, waiting for you, makes you feel like a god. You know what that plush, plump, fullness tastes like…feels like. You’ve nibbled it yourself. It has ghosted over every inch of your body. Its pinkness wrapped around your finger…and…elsewhere.

A red satin blindfold covers her brown eyes as well as those lashes that you’ve felt on your collarbone, your cheek. She can’t see the way you look at her, utterly devouring her. She can’t see what you hold in your hand. She’s never seen it, although you know she’s KNOWN about it. You know she’s a bit nervous about it. You know she’ll love it.

You can already hear the gasps she’ll make as the soft leather fronds tickle her round ass. You anticipate the way her breathing will escalate…her moans…eventually her whimpers.

But for now, you drink in her nakedness, watching as her breasts rise and fall with each breath she takes. You smile as her toes clench in her waiting.

She has waited long enough.

Am I even going to do this right????

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