Thursday Confessional

All that I share with you, belongs to only us.

Regardless of other lovers I may take or you may take.

Regardless of the damnable truth of logistics, be they numbers on a calendar or miles on a map.

The place we occupy is ours alone.

I come to you in that place, only yours. I offer you all that I have there. I lay myself bare, there. In that place we have no walls, no barriers. In that place there are no whispers except for ours. In that place there are no words…all words…touch words…look words.

In that place we fuck. And we love. And we talk all the ways that nobody else knows.

In that place I am bound with ropes that you form with your mind. They are silken ropes that tie my hands above my head and stretch all that I am before you, for you to devour. They wrap my breasts and snake between my legs, and with a nod of your head, they wrap my ankles and pull my legs apart. You play and you tease…rope along my pussy…back arching my breasts to your mouth.

Your words are like ropes that twine through my brain. I am bound to you with them. And yet, I am freed by them. Their power encloses me and gives me wings.

In this place I cry and you wipe those tears. In this place I tease and you bring your crop down across my ass. In this place I kneel before you and swallow all you have to give. In this place your hand pulls my hair…my throat is exposed…to your kisses…to your bites…your lips at my mouth…your face next to mine…your breath and mine mingle.

Here there is magic. Stars shine in the day and rain falls from the sun. We burn and we laugh and we drown in the sea of each other.

We are delightful. We glow together and light the universe. Worlds are created from words that we speak…words that we write…words that we think and never say. But somehow, even in the not saying, they are known.

Here…right here…I am owned.

As are you.

Run from Fear

Tuesday Confessional. Yeah.

So this is the way it’s going to be today.

It’s about his pleasure…not mine. But in the end, his pleasure is always mine anyway, so why does it matter?

I’ve been mouthy today, though…lived up to the Bratty title. He usually just smirks at me, but this time, that’s not happening.

He sent me to my room. Told me to get myself ready for him. I have a little frothy nightie that I’ve been saving. There are some little lavender panties that go with it. I’ve put them on in the hope that the visual will appease him. I sit on my knees in the center of my bed and wait.

When he enters the room, he looks at me. He doesn’t look appeased, however.

“Get off the bed.”

I follow his command quickly. I want him to see that I want what he wants. I am here for his pleasure. I want to be his good girl.

“Now turn around and bend over the bed. Prop on your elbows.”

I do as he asks…my lavender clad ass presented to him in the froth of the little nightie I’ve put on.

He walks around to the other side of my bed, pulling open the drawer to the nightstand. He removes the gag with the small ball that he has been teasing me about. My eyes grow wide. He knows it’s not something I’ve been really excited about.

“You’ve known that mouth of yours was going to get you into trouble eventually.”

“I thought you liked my mouth.” You know, sometimes I just don’t know when to quit sassing.

He smiles as he leans over to me and places the ball in my mouth, tying the gag around my head.

“Oh I do. And you’ll get a chance to use it in a bit. But for now, be my good girl, and suck it up.”

I think I’m probably glaring at him. He smiles and pats my cheek before walking around behind me again. I’m a bit gleeful that he’s left my hands free, but then I forget all about my glee as he grabs my pretty lavender panties and rips them. They slide to a puddle at my feet. I start to look over my shoulder at him, but I feel his hands on my back and they push me flat onto the bed.

“Spread your cheeks.”

Oh god. Oh god this is the one thing that just downright embarrasses the hell out of me, and he knows it. Even in our play…even when he’s made me cum so hard, I’ve buried my face and blushed through the whole thing. It’s just the taboo element of it. It’s always been so forbidden. And holding myself open for him now….

There’s a quick smack on my ass.

“Do what I’ve said.”

Quickly I move my hands around.   My face on the blanket…burning…gag in my mouth so I can’t voice my displeasure….and I grab my ass cheeks and spread them for him.

Immediately there is a cool, smooth sensation as his lubed fingers play with me. My eyes are closed, because I can’t think about it…but oh dear god…I can feel it. One finger….tapping the lube into me and then following it inside…in and out slowly and it feels so fucking good. He plays a bit, and then there are two….this always burns just a bit and I groan around the gag in my mouth, but soon I am accepting his fingers and feeling them move inside me, stretching me…fucking me…and he is murmuring his pleasure. I feel myself pushing back towards him…unable to stop myself….wanting more of what he wants to give me, even as my face burns red and my breathing quickens.

I know it’s coming…he’s talked about it...but even so, I suck in a deep breath as I feel his fingers replaced by the smooth round surface of the plug he is using. I’ve held it. I’ve studied it. It’s not very big at all. But as he teases my ass with it, if feels like a baseball bat, and I’m unable to stop the sounds that slip past the gag in my mouth.

“Shhhhh….you can do this….breathe…push back…”

All instructions I’ve heard and read and told myself I was prepared for. But the reality of a solid, crystal mass invading your backside is a little more intimidating than the notion of it.

With one hand, he rubs my lower back. He whispers encouragement…kisses my spine. And all the while the plug pushes and then eases…pushes and then eases…pushes and then eases…until I feel myself moving with it…wanting it…

“Yes….good girl….you’re such a good slut…”

And his words roar in my ears and I feel dizzy, even though I am resting on the bed. Then…I am full…and it is seated inside me…and he is kissing my hands and my ass cheeks and moving his cock to my pussy. And then he’s fucking me slowly. I move my hands and grip the covers and just take him. Doubly full, and it is amazing. I grip around him and he groans. A hand goes to my hair and twists a fist full of it. Oh fuck yes. He pulls my head back and I’m whimpering as he begins to fuck me harder. There is pain, but it is not unpleasant and I make noises behind the gag and push back against him, urging him on. The hand in my hair pulls my head to the side and his mouth…his lips…his teeth worry the place where my neck meets my shoulder and we are both wild…taking…giving….fucking. Surrounded by the smell of our sex and sweat…the feel of his legs against me…my nipples sliding back and forth over the covers of the bed just as the flesh above my clit grinds down rhythmically…the sounds of our grunts and groans and slapping flesh.

And then I’m cumming. I don’t even know what else is happening anywhere…I just know that I am full of him and sensation is all around and I scream but it is muffled by the gag in my mouth.

Afterwards, I’m aware of his hands removing my gag. I’m aware of the plug leaving my body. I’m aware of a warm washcloth and gentle touch. He’s got a bottle of water for me and I sit up and gulp it. He takes it from my shaking hands and pulls the covers back, lays me down and tucks us both in. And as his arms and the warmth enfolds me, I sleep.


Wednesday Confessional

I trust you.

I trust your heart. I trust your mind. I trust your intentions. I trust what you want…for yourself….for me.

And so because I trust…I will give you my power. I give you my will. I turn the fear of things unknown over to you.

Say it. And I’ll do it. Tell me to give it….It’s yours.

Cover my eyes, so I have to trust your voice…your touch. Cover my eyes so that I more keenly smell my own arousal. Cover my eyes so that when you slip your fingers into my pussy…and then into my mouth…the flavor of me dances on my tongue like the sweetest of fruits. Let me feel your breath on me. Let me feel a hint of your teeth. Let me feel the brush of your hand on my throat.

Your words tell me to present my breasts to you….to present my ass to you. Your words tell me to breathe out and accept your fingers….there.

Your words command me to serve you…to give to you…to be yours.

I open my body to you.

I open my mind to you.

I open my heart and life to the freedom this moment offers…You…in control.


Friday Confessional

Innocuous brown package in the mail.

It’s been an utter shit day, and your keys are tossed onto the table and your shoes are kicked off. The sofa feels pretty damn good as you sink into it to scratch a kitty or two and to grab the package. Written on the back are the words, “Enjoy. Think of me.”

What greets your eyes causes you to sit up a bit straighter.


The red catches your eye first. Red corset on her curvy body.

Brown curls, short and tousled.

Arms and legs shacked to the St. Andrew’s Cross.

That buzzing begins in your head and your mouth begins to dry as your breathing picks up. Pictures from across the room…pictures from close up. In some of them she faces the cross. Her head turned and eyes stare into the camera as if she sees you. In a couple her eyes are closed and her head is tilted to the side. You imagine what being there, behind her, would feel like. Her ass pressing against your groin. Her fragrant neck under your mouth. Her corset pushed aside so that your fingers can pinch her nipples. You can hear the breathy moans she would utter.

You can almost see the red stripes your lashes could make across the backs of her thighs. Almost hear the cries from her lips.

Her lips…the same slutty, dirty red as her corset. You tell her...slutty girl….dirty girl….bad girl….She loves it and her hips move to the rhythm of your words.

In some of the pictures, she is facing the camera…waiting for you. Waiting for your hands to hold her wrists as you lean into her softness. Your mouth just inches from hers…teasing her with what she wants…making her wait.

The images fly like scenes through your mind as you spread the pictures before you and your hand reaches for your cock…because how could you help reaching for your cock when she is before you like that…waiting…wanting…needing.   You can hear her voice begging you to fuck her hard.

Your eyelids shut and as your hand moves, you imagine sinking into her heat. You imagine her gasps. You imagine the way she grips you inside of her…see her hands alternately pulling against her restraints and gripping them as you fuck her.

And when you cum, you feel her body against yours, her head on your shoulder, hair tickling your nose, pussy pulsing around you.

You open your eyes and it’s a pearly, stringy mess on the photographs, and although part of you hates that they are ruined, another part of you loves seeing your cum on her face….lips…ass.

That’s when you notice the second package. And written on the back are the words, “I figured you’d need double prints.”


For My Friends Who've Stuck Around

The way her lower lip slips between her teeth as she nibbles, waiting for you, makes you feel like a god. You know what that plush, plump, fullness tastes like…feels like. You’ve nibbled it yourself. It has ghosted over every inch of your body. Its pinkness wrapped around your finger…and…elsewhere.

A red satin blindfold covers her brown eyes as well as those lashes that you’ve felt on your collarbone, your cheek. She can’t see the way you look at her, utterly devouring her. She can’t see what you hold in your hand. She’s never seen it, although you know she’s KNOWN about it. You know she’s a bit nervous about it. You know she’ll love it.

You can already hear the gasps she’ll make as the soft leather fronds tickle her round ass. You anticipate the way her breathing will escalate…her moans…eventually her whimpers.

But for now, you drink in her nakedness, watching as her breasts rise and fall with each breath she takes. You smile as her toes clench in her waiting.

She has waited long enough.


Ode to those Blue Eyes

You have made my days,
you know, the blurred edges of watercolors...
Pastels running together like some
Peace loving rainbow.

My smile, when you are here,
Is from inside...
Maybe even my toes...
And is more real than anything I've ever known...

More real than the grass I run in
Trying to reach you
In the joy of your simpleness...

More real than the water we splash in...
Droplets of laughter
Washing over me
Filling me up and Cleansing my soul...
Like Christ's blood...not sacreligious, that...
But as true as the sureness that He loves me...

More real than chocolate crumbs...
Tickling over our lips...
Melting onto our chins in
Warm sun that sparks mischief
In our bellies...

You make me real
make everything real
Blue eyed saviour of my own
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